Ratings prepared for the International Mediation Institute (“IMI”)

Submitted by Random Attorney Clients using the IMI Confidential Form

The Form used is below.

Last Rating, March 2015.

Ms. Cole’s raters were unanimous in rating her skills and abilities at a level 5 [the highest level] and in their willingness and intent to use her again and recommend her to colleagues. Ms. Cole was viewed as professional, highly skilled and highly qualified and cited often for her creativity and tenacity. Four attorneys also praised her for her cultural sensitivities.

One stated, “Ms. Cole was perhaps uniquely qualified in the Tampa area to handle a multi-lingual-multi-cultural mediation in an environment charged with allegations of threats, fear of violence during the mediation, and gender-related concerns.”

The comments regarding Ms. Cole were uniformly positive. With respect to her creativity, one attorney noted, “…although the mediation resulted in an impasse, she put forth some great ideas for resolution that were outside the box.”

Another attorney stated, “Lynn accomplished more in a 6 hour mediation than attorneys could in more than a year.”

Another wrote, “As an attorney, I was impressed by [her] ability to absorb and synthesize both the facts of the case, and the intangible aspects as well. She was able to put the parties at ease and helped defuse a rather emotionally charged situation.”

Several attorneys felt that they would not have achieved the results they did but for Ms. Cole’s skills. One attorney described the mediation at issue as follows, “This was one of the most fruitful and rewarding – even uplifting – mediations I have ever participated in. The parties came in despising each other with no expectation of settlement. During the process, they gained a settlement and some measure of mutual respect and understanding.”

Another attorney noted that Ms. Cole was able to handle emotions with ease and keep the parties focused on the facts. One attorney said, “Ms. Cole did a remarkable job of making my clients feel comfortable. Her communication skills were praised by several attorneys.”

All of the raters were very satisfied with the costs of the mediation and there were no negative comments.

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