International ADR: Bulgaria

Lynn Cole served as a Mediation Specialist with USAID/ABA/CEELI assigned to Bulgaria. There, she assisted the Minister of Justice and Mediation Steering Committee in drafting and implementing ethical, procedural, educational and certification rules and regulations pursuant to the Mediation Act of December 2005. She also conducted advanced mediation training for judges and mediators. She lived and worked in Sofia, Bulgaria for three months and made many lifelong friendships. (April – July 2005);

She was invited to be the first international member of the National Association of Mediators for Bulgaria and is listed with the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice as a mediator in Bulgaria. In March 2008, Ms. Cole returned to Sofia and Plovdiv where she taught Advanced Commercial Mediation to Bulgarian mediators for 14 hours of certified credit.

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Photos from Bulgaria

Sofia Bulgaria Communist Memorial
Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. A look at the park outside my window.

Bilyana, Staff of ABA/CEELI in Bulgaria and currently Director of BILI (Bulgarian Institute for Legal Initiatives)

Establishing the mediation center in Vratza
Establishing the mediation center in Vratza

Vratza mediation center opening in 2005
Vratza mediation center opening in 2005