Online Mediation

Lynn Cole, a Florida-certified and Harvard-trained mediator, offers the opportunity to conduct your mediations online in a convenient and secure, virtual mediation environment. The online or eMediation process can be conducted almost anywhere in the world over the worldwide web. No telephone sessions or face-to-face meetings are required because online mediation permits the parties to appear simultaneously on the computer screen.

Joint discussions between the parties and legal counsel are facilitated by the mediator in a confidential online virtual mediation environment. Private discussions between the Mediator and each party individually (a “caucus”) are held privately in the online virtual mediation environment. The actual settlement document also will be completed online. The process is private and confidential, using the latest encryptions and security devices.

Lynn Cole adds no additional charge to her normal hourly mediation rate for this service.

Efficient, Economical and Convenient E-Mediation (or online dispute resolution) is fast becoming an efficient, cost-saving tool for mediation participants who:

  • have far distances and long travel times to and from a mediation office
  • do not want to incur the increasingly high costs of travel to and from a mediation
  • have budgetary restrictions on travel
  • are sick, injured or incapable of physically attending a mediation
  • feel more comfortable in their own surroundings
  • have an international dispute with potential translators needed
  • want to save attorney time and fees for other matters
  • have other personal reasons, want to avoid personal confrontations

To help you with this simple process, we have an experienced and qualified resource team to assist with equipment questions and training. Most computers are suited to our system.

Computer – Any computer using XP or Vista operating systems may be used for online mediation. You will be required to download and install a few small programs, so you will need room on your computer.
Connection – A high-speed cable or DSL connection will be required to participate in live virtual mediation.
Video – A webcam and a headset are required for all participants to and see one another if your computer does not already have those accessories.

With an inexpensive video camera, a headset for audio and an internet connection, you can easily and simply participate online in the mediation. CPR Tampa can help you assess your capabilities and can provide equipment upgrades and installation. Click here to learn more about CPRTAMPA. If you don’t have a computer, CPR Tampa can provide you with a portable fully equipped laptop to use.