International ADR: Serbia

The age of conquest and the age of liberation, traces of rebellions and revolutions, the times of the haves and the have-nots, all are reflected in the 13 centuries of Serbian culture, beginning in along the Danube, where the Serbian people first decided to settle. Serbia’s history through its archaeological sites, stone sculptures, and the first representations of life-size human beings is still being discovered.

Cloaked in silence, hidden among the hills and plum orchards, the Serbian monasteries and churches, invaluable heritage of timeless beauty, were created from the 10th to the 17th century. Although by the gracefulness of their outside architecture these churches leave an impression of smallness, it is only on entering them that you can appreciate the monumental stories of things earthly and things heavenly they can tell. These religious icons and rich religious history form the basis for the Serbs’ passionate belief in maintaining the autonomy of the southern part of their country.

The country is still recovering psychologically from the years under a violent dictator’s regime. But the people are strong and friendly and industrious.

Lynn Cole taught Basic Commercial Mediation to a group of judges and mediators in October 2007. Her two-day course was sponsored by ABA/CEELI, in Beograd, Serbia. She also prepared Training Video introducing Serbian attorneys to the fundamentals of mediation.